The FCJ uniform shop provides an opportunity to purchase uniform items at the lowest price possible. By sourcing our own stock and utilising volunteers to operate the shop weekly, we are able to maintain minimum costs. Profits made from sales are ploughed back to the PSA.

Stock is provided by a variety of suppliers but our aim is to present quality items that are ethically sourced. Our latest addition to the FCJ uniform, the infant tracksuit, is partially made from recycled plastic bottles!

The uniform shop currently opens on Friday afternoons from 2.45pm until about 3.45pm. As well as offering new uniform, the shop offers an opportunity to purchase gently worn uniform at 10% of the cost of an equivalent new item.

We do recognise that many of our parents are not able to visit the shop, which is why we also offer an ordering service. Please enquire with our reception on how to order.

We always welcome new volunteers to assist in the shop, please come and speak to one of our current volunteers if you would like to help.