Creative Curriculum

FCJ Primary School Jersey

Creative Curriculum

FCJ’s is currently developing a Creative Curriculum approach to learning. This challenges us to look through new eyes at the learning experiences we are providing to our children.

We are committed to delivering, through our core values of curiosity, interdependence and aspirations a curriculum that will provide quality and excellence through exciting and relevant learning experiences.

FCJ will continue to teach the requirements of the Jersey Curriculum. However, the way in which we teach them is changing; and changing for the better. No longer will the curriculum be driven mainly by the acquisition of knowledge. Acquiring understanding, skills and attitudes also have a major role to play in learning. Learning must be relevant and interesting. It must be able to equip the child for life today, tomorrow and beyond. Through the many topics they will explore, children will discover that learning is not passive; but is an active process that leads to further learning and enables them to discover within themselves tangible skills and attitudes. Standards will be raised. Children will move confidently to secondary school having enjoyed a rich, varied and stimulating primary school experience.

“The creative curriculum has excited both staff and pupils. The planning, which is scrutinised by the Head, ensures there are clear learning objectives that sit alongside the fun weeks such as History Week and supports the pupils development of skills within the curriculum.”

“The school has taken an active part in the Leading Curriculum training event. All staff who participated were committed, enthusiastic and very professional in their approach to developing the curriculum.”

Excerpts from the 2012 Annual Report for FCJ Primary School under the Professional Partner Scheme.
Author: Mrs J Lydford