Excerpts From Annual ReportTo Governors

FCJ Primary School Jersey

Excerpts From Annual Report
To Governors

The school is a welcoming community built on Catholic Christian values and attitudes and where all members feel valued and cared for. Pupils are very well behaved during lessons and at play. They show a high level of care and concern towards each other and freely and genuinely praise each others’ success. The school has a set of school rules and expectations of behaviour which are shared and discussed with staff, pupils and parents.”

“The school is well led by a dedicated Headteacher and newly formed Leadership Team. All staff are fully committed to ensuring all pupils make the most of their time at the school. The school is focused on achievement and progress and sustaining this for the future.”

“Spiritual and moral principles are nurtured in a way that is reflected in daily life. The school believes that the planned promotion of the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of the students is fundamental to the work and life of the school.”

“The school has children at the core of everything it does. Pupils know what makes a good FCJ pupil and what sort of person you can aim to be.”

“Lesson observations, peer observations and school ‘walkabouts’ continue to provide an evidence base for high quality care and education.”

“Excellent relationships exist amongst students, staff and parents. There is a good bank of volunteer parents/grandparents and a strong and vibrant PSA.”

“Processes and procedures are in place to ensure everyone is held to account and achieves the best for the pupils in their care.”

Excerpts from the 2012 Annual Report for FCJ Primary School under the Professional Partner Scheme. Author: Mrs J Lydford