FCJ Primary School Jersey


From Lieutenant Governor

“Dear Headmistress,

Thank you for organising such a wonderful visit to your excellent school this morning. Meeting your staff and students was a breath of fresh air and we came away feeling buoyed up by the energy and warmth of the school’s atmosphere. The choir sang beautifully and with great confidence, I particularly enjoyed ‘The Butterfly’ with it’s connotations of spring. The new classrooms are light, airy and spacious (as you may have gathered Gene was particularly impressed by the large cupboards, which is clearly a teacher priority!). Opening the extension with balloon popping was a first, but great fun. The overall environment is a tremendous place for children to learn and a valuable addition to your thriving school.

The children were a joy to talk to, lively, inquisitive, and confident. Being described by Mary as deaf, like ‘Saucepan Man’ from Enid Blyton’s ‘Folk of the Faraway Tree’, will be a special memory of my time in Jersey. Gene and our children thoroughly agree with her, I am now being told that the evidence is overwhelming and I have to invest in a hearing aid! The interview with Omolade was very professionally done, she showed great patience and determination as the film crew took time to get the angles right. I hope her arm has recovered from standing still for so long holding out the large and heavy, woolly microphone!

Please pass on our thanks to Isobel and Jake for welcoming us and presenting the pretty bouquet and handsome FCJ Bear, they are a lovely reminder of a very special day.

With best wishes to you and all at FCJ”

John & Gene McColl

From Former Pupils

“Dear FCJ,

I am writing to you because I miss FCJ! It was such a great school and is missed by every single student who used to go there. Beaulieu is a good school and I am happy to go there and move on but FCJ will always be the best school for me. I am hoping to come back to see the new extension on the school and I am sure it will be as great as it was when I was there!”

Phoebe Mound, former student

From Secondary Headteachers

De La Salle College

“I feel all the boys who transfer to us from FCJ have enjoyed the time and experiences they shared at their primary school. The boys are an excellent example of well behaved and well mannered children who are excited about their learning. I know that the teachers at FCJ care a great deal about their students and ensure that they receive an excellent Catholic education that helps them explore their faith and engage with others.”

Jason Turner – Headmaster
De La Salle

“We have always found our students from FCJ to have a thirst for learning. They are impeccably well mannered, possess a caring heart and have that passion that comes from inspiring teaching. Our students talk very fondly of their time at FCJ and value the sense of care and commitment shown to them. As a College, we are grateful for the strong foundation that FCJ has given.”

Carl Howarth – Principal
Jersey College for Girls

“We regularly receive a large student intake of boys from FCJ. We find the boys have impeccable manners, are inquisitive, extremely positive towards their studies as independent learners and always get stuck into a good working ethos. FCJ staff prepare students well and communication with the primary school is fantastic.”

Lucy Douglas – Head of Transition
Beaulieu School

“It gives us great pleasure, as a school, to welcome girls from FCJ to our secondary school. They are keen to learn, make new friends and study new subjects within a caring, catholic environment which emulates the ethos of their primary school. These girls adapt well to new situations, support each other and are keen to maximise their potential as part of the Beaulieu family.”

Chris Beirne – Headmaster
Beaulieu School

“I had the pleasure of attending our grandson’s ‘Graduation’ from reception. It was a joyful occasion filled with singing, music and movement. All the children were a delight to watch and listen to.

Our eldest grandchild became a pupil at FCJ fifteen years ago and from that moment my husband Roy and I have watched all six of our grandchildren grow physically and spiritually and blossom into well rounded, happy young people. This hasn’t happened by chance, it is the result of the team of hardworking and dedicated teaching staff who have given the pupils every opportunity to make the most of their individual talents at school, combined with the love and encouragement of their parents at home.

We look forward to being part of FCJ for the next five years until our youngest grandchild will leave this wonderful school, fully prepared for secondary education and whatever the future holds for him. At FCJ, he, along with countless others, will have received the best possible start to his education, for which we thank you Miss Doyle and the wonderful staff of FCJ.”

Mrs Y Bullen (grandson attends FCJ)

“From the first moment you step inside FCJ School, you are overwhelmed with a strong sense of community and family. The children delight in going to school and are confident and happy in their school environment. Expectations of behaviour and learning are high but reinforced gently and with a genuine warmth and empathy for the young pupils and their emotional and social well being. It is in the development of relationships between staff, pupils and their families that FCJ really comes into its’ own. The level of kindness and care permeated through every crevice of the schools ethos and approach is what turns the FCJ experience from one of education, into a journey of living and learning. The children who leave in Year 6 have benefited from not only a fabulous education in the traditional academic sense, but also the development of mind and attitude based around a Christian moral framework that allows them to begin the next stage of their learning and life with the strongest of foundations. From personal experience, we could not wish for anything more for our children and are confident that academically, socially and emotionally, they are being cared for and nurtured in that FCJ way, that will allow them to do everything they ever wish to.”

Mrs L de Gruchy (son and daughter attend FCJ)

“I just want to take the opportunity to say how pleased we are that our daughter joined FCJ. She has settled in very well and loves going to school. As a parent you cannot ask for more than that. FCJ provides a caring family environment within an education framework. This is what we had gleaned from Open Days and was the reason for wanting Danielle to join FCJ. I am pleased to say that this is exactly the experience we have had to date. The facilities you offer for working parents, i.e. morning club and afternoon club are fabulous and your staff are a credit to your school – always warm and welcoming. We are delighted with FCJ, the staff and the facilities and hope Danielle continues to be just as happy over the coming years.”

Mr & Mrs Mc Farlane (daughter attends FCJ)

“FCJ achieves the balance which most of us parents aspires to; providing a warm family atmosphere, whilst maintaining discipline, respect and assisting our child reach their full potential. My daughter has spent 3 wonderful years in FCJ where she has been consistently happy. The teachers have been amazing; how many Headteachers do children run to hug on sight? I cannot thank FCJ enough for my daughter’s first experience of school. It’s a lucky child and family that will take our place when we move to the UK.”

Sarah McDonald (mother of 3)

From Former Parents

“And so I come to the last page of the final chapter of my FCJ book of memories as my four grandchildren have now all progressed to senior school.

I know that the excellent grounding they have received at FCJ has enabled each one to achieve his/her full potential, both from an academic and social point of view. This will stand them in good stead throughout their lives.

Please relay my thanks to all who have taught and nurtured Yves, Ella, Louis and Ana, and helped them to mature into confident and responsible young people, ready to take on the challenges of secondary school and life in general!

May FCJ continue to prosper and maintain the friendly, caring, family atmosphere for which it is well known.”

Mrs Jordi

“We just wanted to say a huge & heartfelt thank you to all the teachers & staff who have helped our boys, Lucas & Matty, along the way.

What a fantastic start in life you’ve given them at FCJ, not just academically but also in helping to make them the lovely people they have become.

We are sad to be leaving the school & will miss being part of such a warm community.

Mr & Mrs Lucas (both sons former pupils)

“We first visited FCJ Primary School when we were choosing a school for our daughter (our oldest child). We immediately felt that the environment was nurturing and we liked the family atmosphere and the small classes. We also liked that the religious and moral education was integrated into the academic education. It was an added bonus for us that it was a co-educational school; once we made the decision to send our daughter there, we were keen for our son to follow his sister there two years later.

From the beginning, FCJ welcomed us and made us feel that we were part of the FCJ community. Our children received an excellent education there and, as parents, we welcomed being kept well informed of our children’s progress and difficulties. Our children are very different from each other and we found that their individual needs were met and their interests encouraged.

We appreciated the school’s ethos of respect and compassion toward others. The values and beliefs we established in our home were carried out and taught in FCJ.

Both our children loved attending FCJ. They have fond memories of their attendance there and often talk about it now that they are in secondary school. Although FCJ prepared our children well for secondary school, we, as a family, were very sad to say goodbye to FCJ when the time came to move on.

Mr & Mrs de Figueiredo (son and daughter former pupils)

“….We cannot thank you and your staff enough for your help and professional expertise in giving Ned the best start possible to his school career. It is something that we shall always remember… We gave you an infant, and you have returned to us a well-educated and well-rounded young boy.”

Mr A Crosby (former parent)

“It is with regret that I write to inform you that we will be returning to the UK in July…FCJ has been such a wonderful school for us that we naturally feel quite apprehensive about how the children will adjust to life without you all. FCJ is so good at treating every child as an individual – a particularly desirable strength when your children are as ‘individual’ as ours! What a wonderful team of teachers you have. Our children have been so lucky to have completed their infant education with you. I am sure this will provide them with the strong foundations they need for the rest of their lives – no matter where those lives may take them. Personally, I feel so much part of the school that I know leaving will be a big space in my life too. It is not just a cliché to say that FCJ has become part of our extended family and we will miss you all very much. FCJ will be a hard act to follow, but we leave feeling tremendously grateful and enriched.”

Mr & Mrs Gillespie (former parent)

I just wanted to write a quick note saying how happy we have all been at FCJ! Tom and Charlie settled so well and I am sure it is because of the nurturing and loving environment that is so special to the school. They have made some life-long friends (as have I) and we will all be so sad to say goodbye. The teachers have been wonderful and we have been so happy with the academic standards. We will keep in touch through friends, I am sure. I am so glad the boys have experienced the Catholic ethos – it is remarkable and gives them such a great foundation for the years ahead. Thanks again!

Mrs Angela Bull (returning to Australia)