The school was founded by the Society of the Faithful Companions of Jesus, a religious order of women whose foundress is Madeleine de Bengy de Bonnault d’Houët; mother, wife, daughter, widow, friend and loving grandmère.

Having founded the order in 1820 in post-revolutionary France, Marie Madeleine soon travelled abroad to found schools in England, Ireland and Belgium. Maria Fidelis, Euston, is the oldest Catholic school in London. After her many years of religious life Marie Madeleine died in Paris in 1858.
FCJ Primary School has been established in Jersey since 1911. Most islanders will remember the old FCJ Convent School at David Place. This site housed the convent as well as the School. In 1967 the FCJ Sisters bought Grainville Manor, in the Parish of St Saviour. Work began on the new Convent and School building in 1969. The Prep School was opened in 1970 and the Convent and Secondary School a year later.

In 1979, as a result of falling rolls, the Catholic Schools in Jersey were asked by the States to rationalise the provision of their secondary schools. After much discerning and discussion, it made sense for the Society of FCJ to relinquish its secondary school and focus on increasing its primary school provision. The two other Catholic Schools, Beaulieu Convent for Girls and De La Salle College for boys shared the same site and could further share, in particular, Sixth Form provision. These two schools agreed to reduce their primary intakes to one form entry (4+ - 11 years) and increase their secondary capacity to cater for students transferring at secondary level from FCJ Primary School.

Further extensions were added to FCJ Primary School in 1996 to enhance curriculum provision for Art and ICT as well as provide an additional classroom. This extension programme was funded in full by the FCJ Sisters.

In 2002 the school received a capital works grant from the States of Jersey and completely refurbished the school to a high standard. A few years later the grounds were developed to provide a sensory garden, vegetable plots and adventure play equipment. Further works and developments are in the pipeline as the school continues to thrive. Watch this space!