The School is run by a governing body, which works with the headteacher and senior management team in ensuring the students at FCJ receive a good education. Working in partnership, they will:

  • help plan the school's future direction
  • make decisions about the school's budget and staffing
  • ensure that the statutory requirements of the Jersey Curriculum are taught
  • decide how the school can best support the students' academic, spiritual, moral and social development
  • ensure that the school provides for the needs of its students; including those with special educational needs.

FCJ's school governing body must have at least 10 Foundation Governors who are appointed by the FCJ Sister Provincial. The foundation governors bring to the group a wide range of personal and professional experience and expertise. A Parent Governor is elected by the parent body of FCJ School and a Teacher Governor is elected by the teachers at FCJ School. They are not elected to represent the views of parents and teachers. Rather, their experience of being a parent or a teacher will enhance the views and decisions of the governing body as a whole.
The Parent Governor must have a child attending the school during his or her time as governor. Similarly, the Teacher Governor must be in post during his or her time as a governor.

The Chair of Governors is elected every year by the full governing body. For the academic year 2016/2017 the Chair of Governors is:

Mrs Siobhan Riley. Correspondence to Mrs Riley is directed via the school address.

In addition, governors serve on the following sub committees:

  • Personnel
  • Finance and Premises
  • Maintenance
  • Curriculum
  • Complaints
  • Appeals​