At FCJ School we recognise the uniqueness of each individual and we learn to respect this as we prepare our children for life in the wider world. We are concerned with the development of the whole personality of each individual. We do not forget that we are part of a process; we want our children to go on to the next stage of their education with a built-in desire for further learning experiences and opportunities.

It is our aim

  • To place God at the centre of all that we do.
  • To make visible the values of God's kingdom through the teachings of Christ so that FCJ is a place of prayer, truth, holiness, justice, love, forgiveness and peace.
  • To provide a secure and safe environment where children feel valued and happy.
  • To involve parents in all aspects of their child's education by promoting positive home-school partnerships.
  • To provide excellent standards of teaching and learning within the framework of the Jersey Curriculum and to help our students acquire the skills of independent learning.
  • To provide learning experiences that will develop the children intellectually, socially, morally, aesthetically, physically and spiritually.
  • To instill in our students a sense of decency, commitment, self-reliance, responsibility, respect for others and healthy self-esteem.
  • To create an atmosphere that is relaxed but purposeful; and facilitate the achievement of these aims by forming the best possible relationships between teachers, children, parents and others involved.
  • To help the students develop an understanding of their cultural heritage.
  • To provide quality professional development opportunities for staff and governors.