Excellence is an inclusive value in an FCJ School, incorporated in every aspect of school life and living. We set the highest possible standards in supporting each other as we strive to achieve our personal best; to become what we aspire to be.

Companionship is an all-pervading quality present when we work together in an atmosphere of support and love. The dignity of each person is recognised as that of a human being made in the image of God. Everyone is genuinely listened to and what they say is heard. Companionship is breaking the bread of life together as we live God's dream for each one of us more fully. Together we learn; we pray; we laugh and cry.

Dignity is treasured in the school community, nurtured in the individual and enhances the life of the school. Everyone is genuinely listened to and what they say is heard. This sense of dignity and respect provides opportunities for each person to recognise and celebrate their own self-worth. It demands, when challenging circumstances arise, that we seek dignified solutions for all concerned.

Justice acknowledges and embraces diversity; ensures fair treatment for all; promotes just relationships and structures within our school and in the world. It challenges opinion and actions that contradict Gospel values and requires us to stand shoulder to shoulder with the oppressed.

Hope inspires and enables us to persevere in the face of difficulties. It empowers us to fulfil our aspirations and grow towards spiritual, intellectual and emotional maturity.

Gentleness is the fruit of quiet self-possession that has been gained through daily growth in self-understanding through the light of grace (Adrian Van Kaam). It is a quality which helps us to keep a calm spirit, a peaceful heart, and control in our words and gestures; even when the circumstances seem to call forth, or at least justify, an explosion of displeasure or anger. Gentleness results in right relationships with God, self and others. Gentleness keeps our hearts always within the boundaries of justice, reason and love.


‘Let the morning find you more advanced than the day before and in the evening be further still.’
Marie Madeleine