FCJ Primary School Jersey


Students are admitted to FCJ Primary School on a non-selective academic basis. Should the school be over-subscribed, the governing body applies the criteria in the order in which they are set out below.

  1. A child of an employee of FCJ School
  2. A child with a sibling currently attending FCJ School
  3. Baptised Catholic Children:
    1. a Catholic child of a past pupil
    2. a Catholic child with a parent teaching at De La Salle or Beaulieu Schools
    3. other Catholic children
  4. Non-Catholics:
    1. a non-Catholic child of a past pupil
    2. a non-Catholic child with a parent teaching at Beaulieu or De La Salle Schools
    3. other Christian denominations
    4. non-Christian

The Board of Governors believes that children should be placed in an educational environment which best meets their needs, taking into account the views of all concerned and the effective and efficient use of resources. The Board of Governors reserves the right not to admit a child where it:

  • would be contrary to the wishes of the parent or child
  • would not be in the best interests of the child
  • would be detrimental to the education of other children
  • would require the inefficient or inappropriate use of resources



Like all private primary schools in Jersey, FCJ receives a small grant from the Treasury. This is currently based on 23% of what it would cost to educate a child in a States school. Parents are required to top up the grant with school fees, which are set each year by the governing body. When setting the fees, the governing body will take account of the rise in the cost of living, salary costs, maintenance costs, curriculum costs and future developments.

Fees for the academic year 2019/2020 are £5010 per annum. This equates to £1670 per term. To facilitate family budgets, the school encourages parents to pay by monthly direct debit, which is calculated at £501 per month over a 10 month period; September to June (inclusive).

Where are we?

We are located at:

FCJ Primary School
Deloraine Rd
St Saviour

Tel: 01534 723063
Bursar: 01534 873128