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Bus Service

FCJ Bus Service


Morning Service

FCJ students in Year 3 and above are able to use a free shuttle bus service provided by Liberty Bus from Wellington Road to FCJ Primary School each morning term time. This bus service is number 888. More information on up to date departure times can be found be visiting the Liberty Bus website or calling the bus station on telephone 828555.


After School Service

This free service also returns to Wellington Road from FCJ Primary School at the end of every school day term time leaving FCJ at 3.15pm. Children using this service at the end of the school day, must be booked on the return bus via ParentMail by 2pm that day. At the end of the school day, a member of staff will check the children against the bus register and walk the children to the bus which stops at the FCJ roundabout, this ensures they get on safely. If your child no longer needs a space on the bus, due to being collected from school instead, the school office must be informed urgently.


A ‘Bus Contract’ must be read and signed by a parent before a child can use this service.


Children younger than Year 3 may only use the system if accompanied by an older sibling, who accepts responsibility for the welfare.


Bus Contract Download HERE