Bus Service & Travel Plan

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Bus Service & Travel Plan



Liberty Bus operates a shuttle service between FCJ and Wellington Road. This service is available only to KS2 pupils or KS1 children, if accompanied by an older sibling who accepts responsibility for them. Payment can be made on the bus or charge cards are available from Liberty Bus.

The bus has 29 seats and 15 standing places. The seats are not equipped with safety belts.


The buses are not supervised by adults, so it is important that:


1 –  Pupils conduct themselves in a safe and sensible manner whilst on the bus. 

2 – Children are required to stay seated while travelling on the bus and to talk quietly and sensibly to the child beside them.


However, due to an increase in children now using this service in the afternoon from FCJ, we need you to be aware that there may be times when there is standing room only.   



A bus contract is now required before your child uses the afternoon shuttle service from FCJ. Your child’s place on the bus must be booked via ParentMail. If you have not booked a place for your child, s/he will not be allowed to take the bus and you will be called to come and collect him/her. We will not delay the bus while we call you, as some children have connecting buses to catch. Bookings close at 2pm every day. Bookings can be made in advance but we would kindly ask that, in consideration of other users, you only book the days you need and if you no longer need the space you e-mail the school office with as much notice as possible so that we can make it available again. If the bus is fully booked, you must make alternative arrangements to collect your child from school at the usual time or book them into Extended Day Club.


Also, in order to minimise the impact on staff who are on bus duty, please ensure that your child is clear as to when they are taking the bus. If there is a last minute change to the arrangements and your child no longer needs to take the bus, we respectfully ask that you e-mail the office as soon as possible, so that we can inform your child and his/her teacher of the change and ensure the bus is not delayed.


FCJ pupils who travel by bus, are allowed to bring a mobile phone to school and leave it at the office until home time. Should there be any delays with the bus, they then have the facility to contact you. They MUST NOT use the phone at any other time or for any other purpose.


If you wish your child to use this service please sign a bus contract and return it to school before your child uses this service.


A ‘Bus Contract’ must be read and signed by a parent before a child can use this service.


A bus contract is available from the school office or can be downloaded from our website below.


For up-to-date details and departure times for the morning shuttle from Wellington Hill please contact Liberty Bus directly on 01534 828555 or visit their website: www.libertybus.je 


Bus Contract Download HERE


School Travel Plan

School Travel Plan Download HERE